Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Breaking Silence

A little while back I wrote a post A Crazy, Fun, Exciting Opportunity talking about a documentary I was able to be a part of.

On our local news channel 23ABC one of the evening anchors, Jacki Ochoa, is working on a documentary series, Breaking Silence. These stories will cover mental illness and suicide. Jacki is a strong advocate for mental health since she has a mental illness herself.

I was lucky enough to be a part of her stories. The main, full documentary will be out later this year, but this week she is sharing short stories every day. They will be aired on 23ABC both on TV and you can watch a live stream from their website. Turn To 23. These stories will be on every day this week at 6pm PST.

I feel it is so important to speak out about mental illness. There doesn't need to be a stigma around it. Keeping silent is no longer an option for me. The more we talk about mental illness the less stigmatized it will be and the more people can get help.

I hope you'll watch these stories and share them with those you love. You'll never know when you might save a life.

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